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Run This Block was a participatory performance event that used the format of a race to investigate the social and spatial aspects of running. Participants ran and walked 23 laps around the Granville Street pedestrian mall in order to complete a 5 km course.  The unusual route concentrated the runner-performers into a specific location and put them into sustained contact with their surroundings and the other people in the area. 

Running is proposed here to be a form of inhabitation; a reflexive practice, encouraging focus on the each runners' subjective experiences during the event; and an act of territorial definition. The race alludes to general systems of competition and social organization and functions as a venue to  enact the complex cultural forces motivating us to run. 

The race event was co-created by
Andrew Rabyniuk
Tara MacDougall
Marlene Ramos
Stephanie Yee
Caleb Hung


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